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April 2018 - School News

19th April 2018

We take our primary children to Wildside Activity Centre every week for Forest School activities.The good news is that Wildside is a regional finalist in the People's Projects Awards on ITV. 

The Wildside film is now live and you can vote at: 

If Wildside gets enough votes they will win over £40,000 for this particular project for people with disabilities, mental health issues and long-term health needs.This would mean they could double the number of boat trips and activity sessions they can run for these groups in the next year.

You can watch their project film on ITV Central West regional news at 6pm tonight (Thursday 19 April) or by going to the link above

  • Voting closes at midday on Monday 30 April 2018.
  • More than one person can vote from the same address but you must have a different email.


Please pass the word on and PLEASE VOTE FOR WELLBEING AT WILDSIDE.

29th March 2018

We would like to say a massive Thank you to all the parents/carers, pupils and staff of Northern House PRU for continuing to support our local community soap kitchen, TABs kitchen.

Thanks to your donations you will bring a smile to many families, young people and homeless in the local area and make their Easter that little bit better. 

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28th March 2018

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23rd March 2018

Maroon Base Updates

Maroon base have been working on the rules relating to speech marks – speech marks before and after what is said, begin speech with a capital letter, use punctuation at the end, and start a new line for a new speaker. We wrote some conversations on the laptops using these rules.

We have made some newspaper reports based on the Easter story using Publisher on the computers.

Some of our boys have been using co-ordinates in maths. Mason made a great alien mask using co-ordinates.

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23rd March 2018

Blue Base Updates

Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum this week was ‘The Easter Story’. All children in the PRU were in the hall for the singing practice ready for our Easter Story performance on Wednesday.

Blue base children sat perfectly during the whole singing assembly. We are so proud of them and how well they sit!

We also made some Chick cookies today, thanks to Miss Baugh’s chick cookie cutter. They were very tasty!

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