March 2019 - School News

15th March 2019

The winner of our 'Certificate of the Week' for week ending 15th March 2019 is...

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15th March 2019

Comic Relief 

On Friday, pupils all wore something red to celebrate 'Red Nose Day 2019'. We raised money and made a money snake! 

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1st March 2019

The winners of our 'Certificates of the Week' for week ending 1st March 2019 are...

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1st March 2019

Keep your child safe online

Dear all parents and careers, please see below guidance in relation to the MOMO Challenge.

Please be vigilant with your child’s internet usage.

February 2019 - School News

Online Safety - Important Information for parents. 

The internet is a fantastic resource for children and young people to go online to connect with friends, browse the internet for information, especially if they need help with homework; to chat with others and play games. It's also a great way to express themselves creatively, by sharing images or videos. However, as well as these positive online experiences, there can also be risks.

 Please remember to talk to your children about the positives and negatives of being online, sometimes we forget this is just important if not more so than stranger danger, road safety etc.

 It  can also be difficult to keep track of what your child is seeing online, and make sure they don't see anything that's distressing or not age-appropriate. 

Please see the links below for advice and information:

What you can do: 

  • Check out the apps and sites they're using. 
  • Talk about age ratings - Remember sites like facebook, tiktok and Instagram all have an age rating of 13 + for a reason.
  • Set up parental controls. 
  • Be Proactive - Talk to your child about things in the news events or television story lines about what they should do if they were faced with these situations. 
  • Agree rules and boundaries - The important thing is to get the balance right. Agreeing on what times they can go online and explain.

If you need any help or advice please contact Miss Baugh or alternatively visit;

8th February 2019

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8th February 2019

The winners of our 'Certificates of the Week' for week ending 8th February 2019 are...

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4th February 2019

In Blue Base this week, we had mixed emotions as we said goodbye to one of our classmates, we are pleased to say it is because he has worked hard and had a successful transition back into his mainstream school, we couldn't be prouder!

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1st February 2019

The winners of our 'Certificates of the Week' for week ending 1st February 2019 are...

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January 2019 - School News

28th January 2019

Changes to the way OFSTED inspects schools

A message from our CEO, Mr Ian Barker

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25th January 2019

The winners of our 'Certificates of the Week' for week ending 25th January 2019 are...

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