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January 2018 - School News 

08 January 2018


On a Friday we have a whole school assembly to celebrate our weekly achievements.

Our three main awards for celebration are Mathematician of the week, Hand writer of the week and Star of the week.  

 Kenzie, Hand writer of the week.                                            Mason, Mathmatician of the week.

                         Left                                                                                                                  Right

Owen is our star of the week! This is well deserved as Owen has worked so hard and is now moving onto a new mainstream school. Owen has been Head of school council, Captain of the school football team and an asset to Northern House in many ways. We can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you are going to achieve at your new school. Well done Owen for being the best you can be!

Owen receiving his card and celebration book from Mr Price.

02 January 2018

New Year Green Base Updates

Welcome back to Green base! A short and busy break, but the children have arrived back and are keen to get on and make achievements beyond that of last term.  Our topic this term is Under the Sea and the we have started with a discussion about what they already know, which was quite a lot! The children were able to share some of the things they have learnt in previous settings and at home with the rest of the class, as well as listen carefully to what others were saying.  Not surprisingly they all had something to say about sharks and Orca (Killer) Whales.  To start the art off, the children created their own fish using paper plates. Ethan called his fish The Gizmo from his favourite film Germlins, Jacob’s is The Hulk fish and Chevion was really pleased with his Golden Fish

The children in green base have also been learning a new song with a variety of instruments in our music session with Mr Wallace reviving the classic song, A Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.  As you guess, most had never heard it before or recognised it.   The children needed to really listen carefully as well as ready notes from the whiteboard as well as keep in time with everyone else and to sing.  A lot to do.

We also continued with our adventures in the woods with Phil and when he asked what they would like to do, it was a resounding Pond Dipping, even though it was rather wet already.  However, due to the change in season, the water inhabitants had changed from our session in the Summer.  This time the children commented that the fish were smaller or dead, that they caught different bugs which were not present in the Summer and that there were empty snail shells.  Great observation skills and Phil was very impressed.

We have decided that Ethan will be Star of the Week for Green base due to a great start to the new Spring

Charlie and Jayden playing                             Chevion pond dipping

                                        instruments following music                                at Forest Schools.                                            

                                                                                           I wonder  if he caught anything?

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