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October 2017 - School News 

13 October 2017

On Thursday 12th, our School Council received a response from their letter they sent to Mr Price about school improvements.

Mr Price invited them to attend a meeting with himself and Mr Preen (CFO of the Trust) to discuss in more detail the ideas they had to improve the reward room.

The School Council representatives went prepared to the meeting with reasons why a more equipped reward room would help improve school behaviour, stating that children would want to try harder and meet their targets so they could access the room.

We are now looking forward to receiving the outcome next week. Fingers crossed!


13 October 2017

We had a very exciting time this week when Soccer 2000 introduced us to a new sport, Archery.

It was very tricky to get the hang of but with plenty of practise, the will to not give up and listening well to the advice given by Wayne, some of us were getting 10 points by the end of lunch time! We can’t wait to do it again next week.


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