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Blue Base Weekly Update

5 October 2017 (by Northern House School (Pupil Referral Unit))

Positive Progress

It has been another wonderful week in Blue Base. Our Blue Base boys are all getting on brilliantly and the last few weeks have shown exceptional sportsmanship towards one another. The boys will congratulate others when they have done well and will clap each other as a sign of positive praise. This is lovely to see! Science - Forces We have continued learning about forces and this week have used a carpet ramp to reinforce how objects on different surfaces will create different amounts of friction. Our new topic which we have moved onto in Science is magnets. Our forces and magnets work is going perfectly hand in hand. Blue base have been learning about what happens when the north and south poles of magnets are put together. Wildside We went on our trip to Wildside this week and worked with a wonderful gentleman called Phil. Blue Base boys thoroughly enjoyed it and when Phil asked at the end of the session what they had enjoyed about it, most of the boys said ‘everything’. During our session, we did tree climbing, took part in following a badger trail, learnt about a new tree called ‘Dogwood’ (Well done to James for guessing the animal it was names after) and learnt about how some insects and slugs are both male and female. We had a fantastic session and look forward to next weeks trip. Music This week we had a special visit from the music man, Mr Wallace. This lesson was amazing and the boys loved it! Mr Wallace brought his trombone in for us. He explained to the boys how a trombone works and each of our blue base boys had a go at making a sound. They all did brilliantly. Thank you Mr Wallace, we look forward to our music lesson with you next week. Boxing On Tuesday afternoon, we took part in a boxing session with Mr Musgrove.
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