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Betty Comes to Visit

6 October 2017 (by Northern House School (Pupil Referral Unit))

A visit from our Pets as Therapy dog

We were very excited to have our first visit of the year from Betty, our Pets as Therapy dog. She came around all the classes to see all the fantastic work going on. Blue Base were even kind enough to share their break time and take Betty on a walk. As well being there to look at good work and be an ear to listen to, Betty has been teaching us all the important parts of how to do a good job of looking after a dog. We learned how to brush her, handle her, walk and feed her, along with the all the other jobs that aren’t so nice to do! James was so excited as he had never had the opportunity to walk a dog on the lead before – You did a great job!
Link: http://northernhousewolverpru.schooljotter2.com/pru-news/20172018/betty-comes-to-visit