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Blue Base - Weekly Update

6 October 2017 (by Northern House School (Pupil Referral Unit))

What a busy week!

What a jam packed week in Blue Base! We have had a lot of lovely things going on. The Twits This week, our newest member of Blue Base has joined us, Mr Twit. We have introduced the book ‘The Twits’ to Blue Base. Blue Base boys have been thinking about Mr Twit’s beard and have been using wonderful adjectives to describe it. DT DT was a fun lesson! We had a practical lesson where the boys were making their own cars. They used polystyrene, wooden sticks and tubes. The boys had a go at using saws to cut the wooden sticks to the size they needed. The boys were very sensible when using the saw. The fun will continue next week when the boys will be given time to complete their cars. Community Gardening This week we started our Community Gardening! On Monday afternoon, we took a trip out to take part in some gardening at a local centre. As the leaves have been dropping off the trees a lot in this wonderful Autumn month, the boys, Mrs Parker and Miss Lane were tasked with raking up all the leaves, shaking the excess sand out of the tray and putting the leaves into a wheelbarrow. We filled the wheelbarrow and the boys used their wonderful team work to create a ramp to push the wheelbarrow into the compost box to empty the leaves out. What a fantastic afternoon we had and we look forward to visiting next week. Wildside We visited Wildside on Thursday afternoon and spent some time with the lovely Sue who taught us about a new tree (Lime tree). The boys also spent their time making swings with rope and making dens. They also demonstrated their wonderful teamwork by the boys leading their blindfolded partner to a tree and then the partner then having to guess where they had been taken. What a wonderful afternoon we had! We look forward to visiting next week. School Council This week, the boys took a vote to decide on a new School Council leader for Blue Base. Well done to James who is the new appointed School Council leader.
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