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Green Base - Weekly Update

6 October 2017 (by Northern House School (Pupil Referral Unit))

Building Bridges

This week in Creative Curriculum Friday, we had to put our construction hats on (metaphorically speaking) to design and build a bridge to help save a village travelling hundreds of miles in order to cross a river. The children were shown lots of different bridges such suspension bridges, cable bridges, arch bridges in order to come up with a suitable design. Then using the junk modelling resources available decide how it was going to be built to meet specific requirements, such as: being wide enough to take Postman Pat’s van, measure at least 70cms in length and endure a 2kg weight. We were very successful. Working well as a team and helping each other to hold different parts still whilst gluing took place and making suggestions as the bridge was constructed. Great team work guys! We also needed to use our inventors’ heads and think of a new flavoured chocolate. The children were very keen to mix and taste and evaluate what was bad, what was good and what they thought Mr Price would enjoy the most. We had Banana Sprinkles (Banana, chocolate and sprinkles), Popping Cinnamon (Popping Candy and cinnamon) and Jamming Delight (Strawberry Jam and chocolate) …mmmmmmm. Mr Price’s face said it all and he gave Enzo and Jamall a special prize for Jamming Delight. Well done boys!
Link: http://northernhousewolverpru.schooljotter2.com/pru-news/20172018/green-base-build-bridges