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Blue Base Updates 8/02/18

8 February 2018 (by Northern House School (Pupil Referral Unit))

Blue base updates

Maths The children in Blue base always work really well during Maths and we are always so pleased with how they have a really good go at any work given to them. This week, we continued looking at fractions. Fractions can be quite tricky but we are really happy with how the children have persevered with it. They have been finding a fraction of a number. For example, 2/3 of 6. We are also very happy with how well the children work on RM Easimaths. Every morning we do Early Work and the children work independently to complete their Maths work. It is fantastic! Handwriting Handwriting in our base is something we are particularly proud of. We are forever improving our handwriting and it is incredible how well it has come on since September. Mrs Parker puts on a very special warm up for handwriting. This includes squeezes, arm muscle strengthening and finger stretches. Music Mr Wallace visited us this week with his keyboards and guitars. Our topic ‘Under the sea’ is what we are working on at the moment. Mr Wallace is teaching us a song that links to our theme. The song is ‘Yellow Submarine’. We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine! Wildside Our weekly visit to Wildside was a lovely one. We did some bird spotting using the binoculars. Sue taught us how to use the binoculars and we spotted different birds in the trees. We also used bird toys to familiarise ourselves with the sounds that different birds make. Thank you to Nathaniel from Blue base for being our cameraman. He did a fantastic job! Voting On Friday 26th January, our Blue base school councillor will be announced. This week we have been voting for who we would like to be school councillor for Blue base. Well done to everyone for taking part in the voting.
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