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The Tiger that came to tea

8 February 2018 (by Northern House School (Pupil Referral Unit))

On Thursday night blue and green Base were visited in the night by a rather unusual visitor!

Creative curriculum this week inspired by the book written by Judith Kerr ‘The tiger that came to tea.’ On Thursday night blue and green Base were visited in the night by a rather unusual visitor. As everyone arrived Friday morning it was clear whatever had been in the classes during the night was very hungry, extremely messy and had the biggest paws you have ever seen! There was half eaten fruit everywhere, missing biscuits and not to mention the muddy paw prints all over the cupboards and tables. After some investigating of the clues left behind and the witnesses statements from staff members we came to the conclusion it had to be some sort of animal... but what? … maybe a bear? A few minutes later an email alert popped up It was addressed to blue and green base. The email said it was from Mr Tiger. He explained that he had escaped from the zoo as he was lonely. After creeping out after dark he had walked along the canal and came across our school. He sneaked in without anyone knowing hoping to get some rest but couldn’t help but explore the classes once his belly started to grumble. That’s when he came across all the treats hidden away and before he knew it well… you can see the mess he made for yourself and let’s just say there wasn’t anything left for us to eat! Mr Tiger apologised and asked if we would forgive him. He left his contact details so we decided to create invitations and invite him for a tea party where he could answer all questions and in return we would teach him some good manners and give him some tips to help him make some more friends at the zoo! As you see from the photo’s we had a very eventful time.
Link: http://northernhousewolverpru.schooljotter2.com/pru-news/20172018/tiger-tea