Blue Base Updates 01/05/18

The Sea Life Centre

This week, we had a wonderful day out with Green and Blue base to The Sea Life Centre. We had a brilliant day where we looked at all the beautiful sea life creatures. We were really pleased with how well the children represented the PRU and hope they had a great time.

Our topic from last half term was ‘Under the sea’ and we were extremely grateful that we managed to squeeze in a trip which tied in with our theme.

The children had a wonderful day looking at all the different animals and we found out some incredible facts from our tour guide Debbie.

Debbie showed us round, giving us a tour and telling us about all the creatures we saw.

We even got to go into the cinema to see a movie about some of the animals. The film was amazing – it was 4D which meant we got to wear really cool glasses to make the images pop out.

Thank you Green and Blue base for such a great day!

Animal Man

Every Friday, we get to visit the Animal man. It is always really exciting as we get to visit the animals he has in his room. Today, there were a lot more animals than before. The Animal man is also always accompanied by his dog Poppy which is a nice little treat for us to see her too.

We were talking about the rainforest when we first got there, learning some facts about it. The most incredible fact was that the Amazon rainforest has existed for 55 million years! That is amazing that it has existed for that long.

As well as learning some facts, we even got to hold a crab!

Thank you Animal man for letting us come to visit you every week.