Blue Base Updates 08/06/2018

Welcome to Kye!

This week, we have had Kye join our Blue Base team. We are so pleased with how well he has got on and after a wonderful week of green days and no positive handling, he will be going to soft play on Friday afternoon to celebrate.

Well done to Kye for joining our team and fitting in perfectly!


Phil welcomed us on Thursday afternoon at Wildside. It was a wonderful session - we took part in some exciting activities. The first activity we did was bug finding, where we turned over logs to see what creepy crawlies were underneath. It is amazing how many creatures had made a home in the logs.

Phil told us a top tip – always put the log back exactly where it was, facing the way down it was, so that we don’t ruin the creatures home.

After we did bug finding, our blue base team made a fire. They put the sticks around the fire which is the safety square that we must not go in. The children worked wonderfully together and were so sensible! Thank you to Phil for a lovely Wildside session! We look forward to seeing you next week.


On Friday mornings, we have a session with Bushman. We will go down through the secondary school to his room where we have some time looking at the different animals.

The animals in there are incredible! Each week, the children work so well with the different animals and are always so kind with them.

We always learn amazing facts about the animals, how to look after them and are shown what they eat. Thank you Bushman, we look forward to seeing you next week.

Rainforest corner

Miss Baugh has very kindly created us the most amazing rainforest corner in Blue base. It is lovely and for today’s Creative Curriculum, the children sat in there to listen to the story ‘Joseph’s Rainbow Coat’. It was a lovely corner to sit in and the children thoroughly enjoyed sitting in there. Thank you Miss Baugh.

Creative Curriculum

Joseph’s Rainbow Coat was the main story we focused on today. The children listened beautifully to the story and it got us thinking about friendship and how we should always get on with people around us.

We are always so pleased with how well the children work during Creative Curriculum. The topic today really got our minds thinking about important topics – friendship and kindness.