Blue Base Updates 10/05/18

Animal man

This week, we went for our visit to the Animal man. We entered the room to see some owls on the table. They were amazing! And so young, 3 weeks old the one was and the other was 10 days old.

They were so fluffy and such lovely colours. It was amazing to see how they focused their eyes, bopping around on the table. It was fascinating to watch!

Slightly off topic, as owls would not be in the rainforest but it was a lovely treat for blue base.


Our Wildside trip was a very hot one! The sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon to go explore in the forest.

We were using the mallets this week to create our own patterns on pieces of cloth. How we did this was by placing some flowers and leaves onto half of the cloth. We then folded the cloth in half and used the mallet to hit it so that the colours of the leaves and flowers would come through.

The cloths were so pretty that the children created!

Thank you to Sue at Wildside for a lovely afternoon. See you next week!


Our Blue base children are becoming wonderful swimmers! Every other Thursday, they visit the swimming pool at a local school and practise their swimming skills.

We are always so proud of how well the children behave in the pool and are always happy with how well they showcase Northern House PRU whilst being at another school.

Creative Curriculum – sign language

On Friday, our creative curriculum topic was ‘The Community’. Our task for the morning was to learn sign language to a song which was all about friends.

The children worked so well signing the different words along to the song. It was a lovely session where we were learning a song which would help everyone would feel involved in the community.