Blue Base Updates 11/05/18

Mr Price’s Cinema Experience

Blue Base have worked so well this week, Mr Price visited us on Wednesday with a special Head Teacher’s award sticker. Each child had to keep their sticker on and get greens day in order to have a special Cinema Experience in Mr Price’s office on Friday morning.

We are very pleased to announce that all of our Blue Base children were invited in on Friday to watch Angry Birds.

They set up camp in Mr Price’s office, where they were treated with hot dogs, popcorn and hot chocolate. The children behaved beautifully and thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Thank you Mr Price for inviting us in for a cinema morning.

Cool Kids

This week has blessed us with beautiful weather and we did something that we haven’t been able to do before. We did our cool kids session outside! It was wonderful!

The sun was shining and we took the huge parachute outside onto the grass to do our activities. The children in Blue loved this as we had a lot of space. We were so pleased with how well the children worked outside. We are very lucky to have such sensible children in Blue base. This means that we are always able to do special things.

We were even able to do our relaxation part of the session outside. The sound of the birds and the sun shining on our faces was the perfect combination to help us relax. It was fantastic!

Animal Man

A baby lamb welcomed us into Bushman’s room. She was the most adorable little thing and we were allowed to hold and feed her. That isn’t all, we got to name her! The first lamb of 10 that Bushman will have, we welcome you to Layla the lamb.

The children in Blue base were so kind and gentle to her, we are really proud of them!


For the second week in a row, the sun was shining down on us during our Wildside session. This week, Sue had planned a special treat for us. We made a fire and cooked sizzling sausages on it.

Our base are always that sensible, we were given the chance to whittle our own sticks to pop our sausages on. We then used the respect position (kneeling down on one knee) to cook our sausages over the fire.

The sausages were super tasty and because we had cooked them so well, we were able to make some smores. Smores are so simple, yet so delicious!

How to make a smore:

  1. Toast a marshmallow.
  2. Place the marshmallow in between two biscuits.
  3. Enjoy!