Blue Base Updates 12/03/18

Welcome Back

We were very glad to be back in school after our snow day on Friday! It is always lovely when our Blue base team is back together.


And what a better way to start the week than having a new child start in our base. Welcome to Charlie who joined us on Monday. We are very pleased to have him in our base with us and he had such a great start to his time here at Northern House that he was awarded ‘Star of the Week’. What a great start!


Our Wildside trip was not as cold as last weeks. Last week, we were cold and shivery surrounded by snow. This week, it was slightly warmer which was good. Phil is always a great leader at Wildside as he listens to what the children would like to do and goes with it. This means the children take control of their learning which is always really lovely to see because it shows their enthusiasm for what they are doing.

Phil helped the children make a fire. We are always really proud of how well the children follow the safety rules at Wildside especially when working with such a dangerous thing. We always know that the blue base children will be sensible.

We look forward to seeing Phil at Wildside next week for some more adventures.


Mr Wallace paid us a visit after Wildside. The music lesson got very creative and a bit messy when the children used instruments inside a bucket of water. It made the most incredible sounds and were perfect for our piece of music we are going to create.

The different sounds we have been making over the last few weeks have been recorded by Mr Wallace. He is going to create the piece of music for us linked to our topic ‘Under the Sea’. We cannot wait to hear it!

Thank you Mr Wallace for visiting us every week. We look forward to seeing you next week.