Blue Base Updates 18/05/2018


This week, it was our last Wildside session before the half term and it was great! The sun was shining and we were welcomed by Sue who took us for a wonderful session of pond dipping. The children in blue base were very sensible when dipping their net into the pond. They then emptied the contents of their net into a tray to see if they had found anything. We found some wonderful creatures – mainly blood worms (only called that because of the colour of them – red). Charlie Scott also found an orange! That was a very interesting find!

Music man

The music man paid us a visit on Thursday. It was a very loud lesson as we were using normal household items to make music. We had watched a video where actors use different objects to make music which helped us create our own.

We used tins, baking trays, bottles and a cooling rack to create this music. It was amazing the wonderful sounds all these ‘instruments’ made. It was such an exciting session we had and we are so pleased with how well the children played and followed Mr Wallace’s instructions.


Bushman’s room is getting more filled with amazing animals. This week we walked down and he had a skunk in there as well as Meerkats. We weren’t able to hold the Meerkats but we did hold the skunk. She was so lovely and fluffy, her name was Fifi.

The children are always so sensible with the animals and so kind with them. The skunk just sat there whilst they held her. It was lovely to see a skunk up close. I must say, it is an animal I haven’t seen before.

We are always very grateful to visit Bushman’s room because he has such wonderful animals for us to see and hold.


On Thursday, the children took a trip out to Kingswood to visit the Lego man. He was at Kingswood and the children met him there for an adventure filled day using IPads and exploring in the forest.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the children got to explore in the forest using their Ipads to read the QR codes that were hiding in different places.

We are always really pleased with how the children in Blue base are when they go out on trips. Well done Blue for always working really well wherever we are.