Blue Base Updates 18/06/2018

Week commencing – 18/6/18


This week in Art, Blue base were creating some pretty parrots for our rainforest display. When we finish painting the parrots and they are dry, we will add some colourful feathers on to make them have wonderful tails.

The children worked really well when they were painting and created some lovely parrots. It is the little things that really make us smile in blue base and one thing that stood out for me was that the children in blue base are so sensible and so patient.

We were handing the paint pots out and there was no fuss at all. And at the end of the session, they all contributed to tidying up their areas and putting their pots and paint brushes away.


Maureen visited us this week from Asda and it was an amazing afternoon! We were so excited that she was coming to visit us and when she came, we were so lucky because she had brought fruit and yoghurts for us. She had even packed some Jaffa cakes for us, we are very lucky!

We had a wonderful afternoon making kebab skewers and yoghurt pots with fruit in.

Thank you ever so much to Maureen for visiting us! She even mentioned a little trip to Asda where we can go back and visit her at the store. There is even the possibility that we could go on the tills and serve real customers.

Music sessions

Thank you to Mr Wallace for visiting us twice a week to practise the Joseph songs in preparation for our performance. The children have such beautiful singing voices and we are really pleased with how well they work when Mr Wallace is here and all the children are altogether in blue base.

It makes it very exciting when we all get together to prepare for the performance because it means the coffee afternoon is nearly here and that is always a wonderful afternoon for all involved.


This week, we have gained a new friend for Dec. Daisy the tortoise has joined our blue base team. She is so tiny compared to Dec, we hope they get on really well and Dec looks after her.

Thank you Bushman for finding Dec a friend again, we felt like he was getting lonely after Ant sadly died.

Asda: Fruit Skewers