Blue Base Updates 23/03/2018


Phil the Penguin welcomed us with a big smile as always and we were pleased that the sun was shining. The session was a lovely one and the blue base team worked really well during it!

Our task was to find a perfect place to put an insect home. It was made out of wood and had holes in the top for the rain water to go through. The rain water will then collect in the holder and the insects will stay in there.

Blue base worked together to find the perfect place to put it and found a tree which was the best place. They then took it in turns to nail it to the tree.

After they nailed it to the tree, they had a game of hide of seek. Phil found some very good hiding places and the children did too! It was a fun game hiding in the forest.

Well done to the children for working so well at Wildside.


Mr Wallace visited us on Thursday afternoon to create our last piece of music. The music we played was the same as the Jaws theme tune to fit in with our Topic (Under the Sea).

The children used different instruments and worked really well with Mr Wallace.

We look forward to hearing our piece of music.

Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum this week was ‘The Easter Story’. All children in the PRU were in the hall for the singing practice ready for our Easter Story performance on Wednesday.

Blue base children sat perfectly during the whole singing assembly. We are so proud of them and how well they sit!

We also made some Chick cookies today, thanks to Miss Baugh’s chick cookie cutter. They were very tasty!

Cool Kids

We have cool kids every day except for Friday and we always so pleased with how well our Blue base team take part in their Cool Kids sessions. They always try their best during the sessions, taking on the tasks and enjoying them.

We are also so proud of how well they do their relaxation at the end of the session! Well done to Blue base.

Animal Man

This week, we had a very special visit down to the Animal Man’s room next door. The children walked down very sensibly as we were going into the Secondary school part. What an amazing session we had looking at the animals!

We were even able to look at the snake he had. It was a yellow python which Carl had taken on because it had been poorly looked after. The snake was beautiful! Well done to Blue Base for handling the snake so well.

Lego Man

The Lego Man came to visit us this week. We are always so happy when he comes to see us. He brought his Lego boxes and iPads and we were able to make an animation using the Lego.

The children took lots of pictures of the Lego so that the animation would work. Each photo we took was after the children had moved their Lego characters ever so slightly.

The children worked so well and always thoroughly enjoy when the Lego Man pay us a visit.