Blue Base - welcome back!

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a fantastic couple of weeks off but what a great week back after the Easter holiday. As always, we are pleased to be back with our Blue base team and have been really impressed with how well the children have worked. Thank you to all the children for working so hard this week.

Cool Kids

We are very lucky to do cool kids every morning and this week has been great. Blue base are such great ‘Cool Kids’ participants and are brilliant relaxers! At the end of each session, we have a couple of minutes for relaxation time. This includes listening to relaxing music and lying flat on their back on a mat with their eyes closed.

This week, we came back after half term and we had been sent a special delivery. Our new yoga mats have arrived and Blue base have used them this week. They are wonderful mats and we are very lucky to be using brand new mats.

Blue base are so sensible and well behaved during ‘Cool kids’, we just know that they will love using the mats!


We were welcomed by Sue this week at Wildside, and the sun was shining! What a lovely day to visit Wildside (Thursday). The first Wildside visit where we didn’t need our coats and what a wonderful time we had.

During our session, we explored the forest and we were looking at how to make a harmonica using logs. The children were very sensible and used Sue’s equipment to cut and chop the logs. When they had cut the log in half, they added an elastic bag onto it to hold it together. They could then blow through the small gap in the side to make music.

We are always very pleased with how the children work at Wildside and are very grateful to Sue and Phil for seeing us every Thursday.

Mr Wallace – Music

Mr Wallace’s music lesson was a loud one this week! We were learning different notes used to make a piece of Samba. The children were amazing with their instruments and we were so pleased with how well they all followed Mr Wallace’s instructions.

What brilliant musicians we have in Blue base!

Animal Man visit

We took a trip to the Animal Man this week to continue our ‘Animal Care’ studies. We have picked a rainforest animal that we would like to have in Blue base – a fruit bat. The Animal man visits fit in perfectly with our Rainforest topic. We are very lucky to be able to go down to his room where we can have a look at all the wonderful animals he has in there.

Blue base children are very sensible when walking through the school next door and we look like to thank the Animal Man for letting us visit him and the animals.

This week we helped spray some water onto the millipede and chameleon to help them feel like they are back in the rainforest. The children were very helpful!