Chicks (15th March 2018)

We have had some exciting new arrivals on Monday. We had delivered, 10 white chicken eggs. Over the coming days the pupils will be able to watch the eggs as they go through the different stages of hatching and see the changes that happen to the chicks over the coming 2 weeks. Pupils will be doing a range of different curriculum based activities looking at the life cycle of a chicken, learning how to take care of them and conducting some research.

Here is our incubator with our 10 eggs in. We have to make sure that the temperature is just right at 37.7 degrees and ensure that the water trays are topped up and don’t go dry.

Tuesday Morning was very exciting we saw cracks appear in the eggs which is the beginning of the pipping stage. A few hours later we had our first chick arrive!

By Wednesday afternoon we had 5 chicks hatched! Once they have fluffed up we were able to move them over to the brooder box. We have to feed them twice a day now and make sure they have clean water.


Wednesday Afternoon and we now have 2 newly hatched chicks and 5 in the brooder box We are keeping fingers crossed for more over night