Green Base Updates: 01/05/18

Welcome to the Summer term!

We have started as we mean to go on with a new timetable which covers our core subjects of maths and writing in more depth, as well as widening the experiential areas of our curriculum by using weekly visits to the Bushman, Wildside, swimming and visits off site, such as West Park.

This week within maths we have covered number from a different angle by problem solving, using our bodies to move in directions, turning left and right, number recognition beyond 100 and counting in 2's.   Whilst in writing we used role play and turned our bodies and voices into that of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as looking at different beans.  The beans will be used in our science topic about plants when the children plant them next week.

Our visit to the Bushman introduced us to the ‘yet to be named’ 11 week old baby owl which he is hand rearing.  The baby owl is the offspring of one of his adult owls which he uses as Ring Owls.  He explained to the children that he would be training the owl to fly and come back on command.  After the children had asked many questions, they were surprisingly gentle when stroking it, though we were surprised by the smell, which the children found slightly unpleasant.

Wildside was a gorgeous place to visit this week, as it was sunny and very warm. The Forest Schools Leader, Sue, asked the children to sit quietly and listen and think about where they would go if they could fly. Now sitting quietly for children with ADHD, ASD and sensory issues is really hard, but Green base managed easily and come back with stories of sky scrapers, going on a picnic and visiting the seaside. The children were given time to explore and Ethan and Jacob found they both had developed an interest in bugs and upon lifting a log found a family of Woodlouse which they made up a story about, with names.

In Creative Curriculum our theme of nature and outside continued with Earth Day 2018 which is celebrated every April.  Green base were given the task of feeding the birds and we used toilet roll tubes, peanut butter and bird seed to create bird feeders which we hung in the woods at Wildside.

Our Star of the Week in Green base is Jamie, who has worked hard to be an independent learner, as well as making improvements and working towards his behaviour targets.  We are really proud of him!