Green Base Updates: 12/03/18

The weather has been rather disruptive over the last few weeks giving the children a long weekend to play and explore the wintery landscape.  For some of the children in Green base, they could not remember the last time it snowed to such depths, giving them to the opportunity to build snowmen, make snow angels and obviously go sledging. 

The snow gave the perfect backdrop to forest school’s activities with fire making, as on each occasion the children take a bigger and more responsible role in building the fire and lighting it.  Unfortunately, we think the damp wood stopped the children creating a fire hot and large enough to make Smores.  Better luck next time boys.

We also welcomed a new member to the base, another Charlie, who has done well this week to settle into class and is making friends. Well done Charlie.

We tackled tricky time in maths this week and whilst some of the class found telling the time to the hour, Enzo mastered and conquered time and achieved Mathematician of the week for the whole school.  Very proud of you Enzo.

The children have daily Cool Kids sessions which is an exercise programme devised by Joy High, former Head Occupational Therapist that follows a sequence of developmental activities. It aims to develop sensory processing, body awareness and control, along with the ability to self-calm and improve basic ball skills, jumping, hopping and skipping.  The children get a lot from the 20-minute session and most show significant improvement in the areas which it is designed to support.

The Green base Star of the Week is Jamie, who has shown a huge improvement in his ability to self-regulate his emotions and use his words.