Green Base Updates 18/05/2018

Assessment week is always a challenging week throughout the PRU and this week for our year 6s has been a very challenging week.  However, we are really pleased with how much effort they have put into their SATS.

In Green Base the children have worked hard to make progress across the curriculum and some have tried to work independently in their writing and spelling. 

In Maths we have started working on Geometry and the children have recapped on their previous knowledge.  It was a practical lesson and again great to see some independent working from the children.

This week has been our half termly visit from the Lego Man, but instead of him coming to us we went to him at the Kingswood Trust Centre situated just outside of Wolverhampton.  A great place for the activity of map reading using both physical maps and Ipads.  The children were given tasks which involved finding a reference place by using the map and then completing a task which had a Lego theme.  The children worked in pairs, with the support of an adult and stayed focussed to complete the tasks.  When we arrived back at Northern House, with the fabulous weather we decided to eat our packed lunches outside with a PRU picnic before starting our afternoon activities.  The children had a wonderful time, especially one child who said that it was his first ever picnic.

Creative Curriculum had a rock theme this week, when we looked at the Arts and how rock music makes you feel and what it would be like to be a rock star.  The children also had a go at being the best performing with an air guitar and Charlie was voted as the best and most energetic guitarist.

We also said good bye to Jayden B who was the youngest at the PRU and has been here for nearly a year.  He had never been in a mainstream classroom, but during his transition he did really well and fitted right in with his new classmates.

Our Star of the Week in Green base is Jayden W, who is new to Northern House PRU and has done very well to meet his targets.  We are really proud of him!

And finally an update on Amelia and we are still waiting for her to produce her eggs, though she has settled well into her new home.