Green Base Updates 21/05/2018

Half way through the concluding term of the year and the pressure to ‘Believe, Achieve and Succeed’ is at the forefront of our minds.  As our year 6 children have completed their SATs, our lone year 2 boy started his and what a great effort Enzo put into getting them completed.  He worked with real determination.  He believed in himself and his knowledge, he did achieve remarkable scores and without a doubt, when the marking levels are received, he will have succeeded in demonstrating he is working on par with his mainstream peers.  We are all very proud of him.

The NSPCC visited us this week to talk to the children about ‘PANTS’ and the aim is to equip the children with keeping themselves safe using the character, Pantosarus and reminding them of the underwear rule.  It is a fun way of getting across to the children something which is important to know and understand.

On Wednesday afternoon Green base had their weekly visit from Bushman Karl who brought with him something a little different…Cockroaches! The children showed little fear and asked lots of questions about age, habitat and food.  We touched its hard shell and discussed how they are believed to have been around when the dinosaurs walked the earth, however, we were all a little taken back when Bushman Karl disclosed he had eaten them with a tasty dip! Apparently they are full of protein and are grounded up in certain countries of the world and put in baby food.

We also welcomed our parents, carers and guardians to the Northern House PRU Coffee afternoon on Wednesday which gives them the opportunity to meet the Teachers, Teaching Assistants and educational support staff involved in the childrens’ education, as well as other professionals such as Family Support workers, Educational Psychologists and Bushman Karl.  On this occasion Bushman brought several visitors with him, some were welcomed, but unfortunately the tarantula was not a hit with a few of our visitors unlike the beautiful Corn snake and the goslings, Sam and Pancake.

As it was the last week prior to half term those children who had shown that they had made good choices regarding their behaviour were able to take part in the SMART trip to Baggeridge Park.  The children were given the opportunity to really push themselves by using the high ropes course which is located within the park.  I was amazed at how the children quickly completed the beginners course and made their way through the levels until they reached the way top, using the assailing rope to jump from the very top!

Our Green base Star of the Week is Enzo. Chosen for his determination and effort in his SATs this week and a very clear change in his attitude to being more responsible, resilient and respectful to others.

An update on Amelia – still not eggs.