Green and Blue Base Updates

Autumn Term 2 Update 2018


We have already started the rehearsal for the Christmas Performance and the children are in great voice! We are so looking forward to mince pies and the sound of children singing…we really hope you can come and join us.



What a topsy turvy Autumn we are having at the moment with the hottest and the coldest October days in the same month!  At Wildside, Green Base decided that they would like to do a bug hunt and they found some very interesting bugs which were described as fast, long, beautiful and slimy.  Ethan described the fat slug as sticky and he was reluctant to touch it. Would you?  As it was Bonfire week they also built a fire using dry sticks they had collected, Vaseline and cotton wool. They have learnt how to build, light and keep a fire burning, but also how to put it out carefully and thoughtfully.



This continues to be a firm favourite with the children from Key Stage 1 to our Year 6s, who are now able to download, request and listen to topics relevant to them.  Many of the children are also logging in at home when they feel they need advice about something which is troubling them.


Topic – Chocolate

During this half term we will be exploring chocolate…yum! The origins of chocolate, the history of chocolate, how chocolate fits into a balance diet, how to make chocolate, researching chocolate, the list goes on, but at the end of the topic we’ll be getting up close with a visit to Cadbury World. 

Who knew that chocolate had been around for so long? The children have explored the origin of chocolate and we had a really good discussion in Green Base about how chocolate has changed. The Mayans and Aztecs are heroes as far as Green and Blue Base children are concerned.

We have also discussed what our own diets are like and how balanced they are in comparison to the Food Pyramid of carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy along with fats and sugars.  The children were very thoughtful and agreed that some of us need to have a rethink on our portions and sugar intake.  Oops!


Anti-bullying Friday

Today and over the next week, the children will be focusing and exploring the effects of bullying on others and on ourselves.  Why do some people bully others? Why do some people stop and watch? How can you intervene? How can you help? Today we all dressed in blue to signify the start of this very worthwhile PSHE area of the curriculum.



As this was a festival celebrated this week, the pupils were given the opportunity to explore the story of Rama and Sita and then make their own little Diva lamps which are used in this exciting festival of light. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and were very sensible when given the opportunity to use tealights, closely supervised by the adults.


New Pupils

Blue Base has welcomed Oscar to their team this week. He has settled in really well and made a good start to the term.



Before the break, we were very fortunate to be visited by WaterAid. Paul Fisher delivered a fantastic presentation about the good work carried out by the WaterAid charity. The pupils sat and listened attentively to the presentation and participated in a ‘Water Quiz’. The behaviour of the pupils was EXEMPLARY, they were a credit to the Trust and we were very proud of them. Paul’s partner had the children captivated when she used her story telling skills to tell the story of a selfish King and a how a young girl was able to teach him the value of water and appreciating the little things in life.