Green and Blue Bases Autumn update 2018


We are looking forward to the Harvest Performance which will take place in the afternoon of the Tuesday 16th October.  The children, and staff have been raising the roof during rehearsals singing traditional Harvest melodies and get up and boogie ABBA.  We are especially looking forward with anticipation for the Northern House ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ performance with our Blue base Chevion and his lovely partner from Purple base.


The weather has been very kind to us over the last few weeks and this week it was glorious when we visited Wildside with our Forest School Leader, Sue.  The children were given different activities to enjoy the open, garden-fresh environment of the woods and many took the opportunity to chill and catch the early autumn rays in the hammocks strung between different trees. 

As the autumn leafs have started to fall and plants start to become less vibrant, the ground becomes covered in leafs it was an ideal time to talk to children about what has lived, never lived and what is now dead. Jayden found the concept of never lived, when being the woods, perplexing.


This term we have embarked upon a new initiative called Zumos which is supported and developed by CAHMS. The children can access their very own platform of games and self-help audios to answer some of those questions that our young people have which may have a negative impact on their mental wellbeing and personal outlook.  If they are unable find a suitable audio to answer their concern, they can access a Worry Box which is located in their virtual room on their own platform.  Within each base, every morning, a clip called How to be Happy is played to help level the children’s mind-set.

Topic – Extreme Earth

Water Cycle

Green and Blue base have explored water.  Where does it come from? How do we get more? being just a couple of the questions asked by the younger children.  We have widened both our vocabulary and understanding of evaporation, condensation and precipitation which has answered some of the questions.  We have also created the Water Cycle on a more practical and visual level, with the older children in Blue base using a zipped poly bag and coloured water to create a Water Cycle within a bag.  The younger children consolidated their understanding by creating a more visual Water Cycle during discussions about what the different elements of their artwork meant.

Topic Friday

This week it took us to the world of research of natural disasters.  This has been an area of Extreme Earth the children have thoroughly enjoyed, as they have been given the freedom to choose a theme, explore the internet and create and construct an information box.  Using their knowledge of shape and nets the older children were able to construct a cube choosing the correct net to display the facts researched.



Our school focus has been the theme of ‘measurement’ and the children have thoroughly enjoyed both the practical, theory and interactive activities linked to this important area of maths.