Maroon Base Autumn 2018

All of our maths and literacy lessons will be tailored to each individual’s needs.

Literacy -  will include work on punctuation, grammar, various text types, handwriting, composition and spelling.

Maths – Calculations, problem solving, fractions, place value, interpreting data, shapes and measures.

During the first Autumn half term this year, maroon base will be studying the following:

Science – Animals including humans. This will include work on the heart, blood, circulatory system, healthy diets and the effect of drugs on the body.

History – The industrial revolution. The change of jobs in our area, steam powered transport, coal mining, iron and steel working, the canal network, the poor in cities, and Victorian schools.

Computing – Online safety. Emails, scams, safe online researching, staying safe online, cyber bullying, protecting personal information.

Art – 3D effects in art. Perspective pictures, badge making, relief pictures of people, junk modelling, building with mathematical shapes, Modroc character (linked to literacy unit).

Cross Curricular topic – Extreme Earth. Extreme climates, the water cycle, extreme weather, earthquakes, tsunami / flooding, mountains and oceans.

We will have weekly visits to the bushman, looking at a variety of animals including snakes, reptiles, small mammals and birds. This will be linked to our science work.