Admission Process

The referring or destination schools (RODS) will have significant concerns regarding the emotional health, wellbeing and/or learning of a child, even though they have an inclusive culture, comprehensive behaviour policy and have put considerable support in place to improve the child’s outcomes.  This may have taken the form of a personalised learning or behaviour plan, Pastoral Support Plan, and advice and recommendations from external agencies.


Steps for admissions process: 

  1. Informal discussion with Northern House School (PRU) to check out whether this might be an appropriate step.
                                    Contact: Adam Price - 01902 558149

2. Completion of the PRU’s referral form which will then be considered by the PRU’s admissions panel (PIP) Primary Inclusion Panel.

3. The panel’s decisions will be shared with the referring school and further recommendations will be given if the referral is unsuccessful.

4. The PRU will arrange a handover meeting prior to the start date and may request some additional information.


Exit Process 

The length of the intervention is 12 weeks which may be extended to include an additional 2 weeks to aid transition. The child’s progress will be reviewed during week 6. This meeting will involve all associated agencies including RODs and parents/carers. Re-integration and transition plans will be established and agreed by week 10. The PRU will then advise on next steps. After the intervention has ended the RODS will receive an Exit Report from the PRU, stating the child’s progress and helpful strategies to use with the child. The PRU will assign a Northern House School (PRU) staff member for follow-up visits four weeks after reintegration.


Transition to Secondary Schools

In the case of Year 6 children who are attending the PRU at the end of the academic year, an additional service will be available to aid transition to secondary schools. Once it is known which school the child will be attending the PRU will make contact with the secondary school and arrange a transition programme in addition to the one provided by the RODS.