Ethos & Values

Our Vision
‘Be the best you can be’.


Our Values
Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality.
Mission statement
We aim to provide a high quality education which is tailored, inclusive and inspiring for young people who are at risk of permanent exclusion or for those who have been permanently excluded. We will offer a purposeful and nurturing environment for young people to feel safe and engage in learning. We work in partnership and collaboration with key stakeholders when planning a flight path and destination for all the young people accessing the centre.
Our Aim
As a Pupil Referral Unit we offer short term intervention for young people who for a variety of reasons are struggling to access mainstream education. Pupils accessing the centre have either been permanently excluded from school or are indeed at risk of exclusion. We offer a service in partnership and collaboration with a range of multi-disciplinary agencies, including commissioning schools, social care, Health, SENstart and CAMHs. The purpose of our service is to offer bespoke and tailored provision which is personalised to each individual on roll. Upon arrival pupils will receive a 12-week support programme with a clear and defined exit strategy, agreed by associated stakeholders, in accordance with our policies and procedures.
Our aim as a school is to challenge pupils to take responsibility, modify their behaviour, improve attitude to school life and make academic progress across the range and breadth of curriculum opportunities available. In addition to classroom based learning, pupils are provided with enrichment opportunities, with high quality learning outside the classroom activities planned throughout the academic year. We believe in lifelong learning and endeavour to support social and emotional development as well as academic improvements. We challenge pupils to believe in themselves to be the best they can be, an ethos Northern House strongly endorse as illustrated through their well-publicised vision and mission statement, ‘Believe, Achieve Succeed’.
Every young person accessing the Pupil Referral Unit has a flight path and intended destination, whether that is a return to mainstream education or transition to a longer term specialist setting. All associated agencies, parents/ cares are encouraged to support individual pupil progress across the educational and social/emotional spectrum. We respect that all young people are individuals who deserve the same opportunities as anybody else, irrespective of challenging behaviours exhibited and the difficult circumstances they are often faced with. We want all pupils to take pride in their work, realise their potential and work together in achieving individualised goals. We foster the development of young people through our intelligent response to behaviour management, engaging curriculum and inclusive approach to individual pupil progress.


The fundamental British values that our Trust and its schools uphold are:

1. Equality of opportunity for all

2. Respect and tolerance of different faiths, religions and other beliefs

3. Support and respect for the liberties of all within the law

4. Respect for the law

5. Respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic process