Blue Base Updates Summer Term 19

What a wonderful first month back at school! The month has flown by and we are so pleased with how well the Blue base team have worked.


Handwriting is something we continue to work on in Blue base and we are pleased with how well the base are coming on.

In Blue base, when we are doing our handwriting practice, we will start by doing different hand and arm exercises to get us ready for it. These exercises are very good at getting our hands warmed up and building our arm muscles ready for the writing ahead.

Lemon squeezes, table top balancing and arm stretches are just a few of our exercises.

Well done to the Blue base team for taking part in these exercises! 


Our weekly trip to Wildside continues. Blue base has experienced some action packed sessions, fire building, whittling sticks using a whittling knife (remembering our safety rules), bug hunting, pond dipping and always the popular choice of den building.

It was lovely to see such great teamwork!

Topic- Sun, Sea and Sand

Our topic is of great excitement with the arrival of our Blue base beach in the home corner. The children have experienced dipping their feet in the paddling pool and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of sand between their toes.

An order of sandwiches, hotdogs and ice-cream can be placed at our beach café and one of our helpful young people will serve you up a tasty seaside treat.


During our DT lesson the children were provided with a range of materials to produce their own aquarium to decorate and fill with their choice of both plants and sea-life.

Animal Man

We were introduced to a one-week old barn owl, Blue base were luckily enough to watch Animal Man hand feed him and given the the opportunity to also feed it. It really was a wonderful experience for the pupils.

Fire Service

We have enjoyed the visits from the Fire Service, being taught about basic fire safety, the use of smoke alarms and Larry demonstrated the ‘stop, drop and roll technique’.  The pupils were amazed at the equipment the ‘fire dogs’ have to use when helping the firefighters in their role.

Caring Table

Our caring table continues to be a great incentive to promoting positive behaviour, with the nice spell of weather we have been having recently Blue base have taken their caring table experience outdoors to the animal enclosure.