Green & Blue Base Autumn 2018


We are now mid-Autumn term already and working hard towards our targets across all subjects and topics. 


Whilst we are disappointed that we have had to say goodbye to our music sessions with Mr Wallace, we have continued to have a weekly singing assembly in preparation for our Harvest Coffee afternoon. We have been warming our voices by singing ABBA and songs from The Greatest Showman which the children (and staff) have thoroughly enjoyed.


On Thursday afternoons we are continuing to visit Wildside, our Forest School environment.  Sue is our Forest School Leader and has created a stimulating and creative curriculum for the children to develop speaking and listening, as well as enjoyment from the outside area and promoting wellbeing.   

Over the last two sessions Green and Blue bases have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine and we created lovely, marvellous mud potions of our own creation just as George did in the story.  Whilst this week in the pouring rain, which did not dampen the childrens’ enthusiasm or that Mr Meggoe, a new member of our teaching staff, we did pond dipping and played hide and seek in the woods. Mr Meggoe was so good at hiding that not even Mrs Parker, class teacher, could find him.  It’s ok though, as he has come out of hiding now!


The Kindness token reward is as enthusiastically sought after by the children as ever and has continued this year.  We have also introduced our Caring tables into classrooms to encourage caring acts and positive behaviour towards others and the school environment.  The winner of this week’s Kindness Token for Green base was Charlie Castle, who also leaves us today to return to mainstream education.  We wish him all the best at his new school where we know he will shine.


This year we will continue to enjoy the animals which now reside at Northern House School.  It is an increasing variety of different animals including Meerkats, a Wallaby and a Bull Frog and housing for the monkeys is nearly complete.

So far this term we have completed our Caring for Guinea Pigs programme and setting up Mario and Luigi’s cage, as well as work on different species of bees and how they survive in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.  We have also discussed caring for the animals that we have come into contact with daily and those that are more interesting and exotic.

Topic – Extreme Earth

Our topic across the whole school is Extreme Earth and through this cross curriculum approach we will be covering Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Music as well as PSHE.  We will also be focussing on improving our writing through the Friday Creative Curriculum, which is topic based too.  We have enjoyed experimenting and exploring with different materials and their waterproof properties so that we can design, create and evaluate a Disaster Box for use in a disaster situation.


The art stimulus in the topic is Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ which was visually stimulating for the children and gave them a lot to think about when discussing the famous piece of art through our senses. Charlie Smith said it made his heart feel like it was going to stop.  We created some fantastic replications through the eyes of the children using a variety of different techniques and use of materials.  The younger children preferred to use paper, cotton wool, material and glitter to great effect.  The older children preferred to use different colours of blues and greys, which splashes of brighter colours to achieve a more layered approach.



In Blue base, the children have been focusing on the using the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine to stimulate their reading and writing.  They have developed their knowledge of the characters by attributing adjectives and similes to describe as well as illustrate.  They have also explored and used onomatopoeia words both looking for them in George’s rhyme and using them in their verbal sentences.  The children have also expanded their understanding of instructional writing by creating their own recipes, which due to the ingredients we were unable to bake and so made a healthier option of sponge cakes.

Handa’s Surprise is the writing focus within Green Base and we have explored the different fruits in her basket and the animals she encounters on her journey.  The children have used adjectives to describe the fruit as well as painting the variety in the basket.  They then explored the different animals using the internet to get facts about the monkey, the giraffe, the ostrich and the parrot. The completed this with their own artist paintings of the animals.