Purple Base Update 25/06/19

Welcome to Purple Base! Where the positive vibes are spread and you will always be greeted with a smile.

Here are a few of the exciting things we have been doing this half term.


Part of our nurturing and care programme, the children participated in the management of chicks hatching. We investigated the life cycle of the chicks and documented it through an education programme.

A daily programme of care was organised and delivered by the pupils.

It was a truly exciting experience to witness the chicks hatching from their eggs and the children at Northern House PRU were so gentle and caring when taking care of the chicks.

Fire Service and Police Visits

As part of our PSHE curriculum for this half term, we have been given a wonderful opportunity to have the fire service and the police visit us at school. The children have been learning extremely important lessons about fire safety and how to keep ourselves safe outside of school.

The beautiful fire service dogs paid us a visit. What lovely dogs they were! One dog uses his senses to find and detect objects that could be of use to the fire service (See photo of dog with his safety goggles) and a gorgeous puppy who will be trained to help people who are suffering with PTSD.

As we are approaching the summer holidays, we are confident that the lessons learnt will be at the for front of their minds when they are enjoying themselves out and about during the six weeks.

Noise Academy

Noise academy is a platform where children can express themselves creatively through arts of DJing, rapping, music production and beatboxing. Purple and Maroon Base are fortunate enough to have Noise Academy visit us on Wednesday mornings.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity for the children to express their feelings and emotions through the use of music. It may also be a career that children may realise they are interested in.